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Just want to say a thank you to everyone who gives a crap in any way about our band. 

We really appreciate the support and it’s currently helping inspire us to create the best music we’ve ever made.

This was sent in by two awesome fans from Poland. We love you too <3
We are working hard to prepare and save up funds for our first full length album. Really proud of some of the songs we’ve written but we will be writing a bunch more before we decide on which ones will make it onto the album. Can’t wait for you to hear it!
The Maddigans - Hold It Down
Much Pop Punk
That’s a badass amount of lights.

European fans! Want us to play Vans Warped Tour Europe this year? Vote here!

Guitar swing moment. December 2013You can watch the clip of this on our friends Over and Out.’s Vlog:
Great parking job Seb
@maddiganstrisha got named 2nd best female singer in last months My Rock magazine, right after @yelyahwilliams.